Committed to justice with/for the poor and marginalized, Polis and Hope is a space to foster mutual learning among people interested in dialogue on social, political, and economic issues. From a mutual learning process, Polis and Hope offers resources to grassroots movements, organizations, institutions, and individuals to build community-based initiatives of public matters, political renewal, and socioeconomic policies in companionship with the poor and marginalized.


  • Preferential option for the poor against poverty in any socioeconomic issue;

  • Mutual Learning as the way of engagement;

  • Companionship as the way to create solidarity and transformation;

  • Dialogue to be tolerant;

  • Listening to learn;

  • Community-based action to create justice;

  • Care to do politics committed to democracy. 


  • Offer a space for learning, where people can find valuable and credible information;

  • Offer a platform where people can share their ideas, insights, perspectives, and experiences; creating a space of dialogue, growth, and inspiration;

  • Offer resources to current and new initiatives that aim to promote community-based actions addressing socio, economic and political issues for the benefit of the poor and the marginalized;

  • Support grassroot movements and organizations that advocate for the rights of the poor and the marginalized;

  • Defend human rights, democracy, justice, and broad popular participation as the way for peace.