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Special Issue of the Journal of Moral Theology in partnership with CTEWC and has contribution Polis&Hope supporters to promote international mutual learning, focusing On Latin America:


Covid-19 y Ética Teológica en Latin America   

Edited by

Alexandre A. Martins & MT Dávila

  • Publication Date : June 15, 202

  • Screen Reader : Supported

  • Publisher : JMT

  • Print Length : 109 pages

  • Language: Spanish 

  • ISSN 2166-2851 (print)

  • ISSN 2166-2118 (online)

  • Free access at JMT website  

Este volumen presenta ensayos seleccionados del Coloquio de América Latina y el Caribe de Ética Teológica - CTEWC, Covid’19 y Retos Éticos en la Región: Construyendo Puentes entre la Ética Teológica, la Iglesia, y la Sociedad, que se llevó a cabo en septiembre del 2020 respondiendo a los retos del Covid-19 para la región.


This issue features selected essays from the Latin American and Caribbean Colloquium of Theological Ethics – CTEWC, COVID-19 and the Ethical Challenges in the Region: Building Bridges between Theological Ethics, Church, and Society, that occurred in September of 2020 in response to the challenges of COVID-19 for the region.

Click here to read the full Introduction, in Spanish and English. 

Book published in Brazil with Polis&Hope support to promote international mutual learning:


Covid-19, Politics, and Faith: Dialogical Bioethics in a Disturbing Reality  

by Alexandre A. Martins 

  • Publication Date : October 20, 2020

  • File Size : 4 MB

  • Screen Reader : Supported

  • Publisher : Gênio Criador

  • Print Length : 216 pages

  • Language: Portuguese

  • ISBN: 978-65-86142-02-0 (eBook)

  • Download it for free NOW! 

A pandemia do coronavírus criou desafios únicos para um mundo cada vez mais interligado, porém, ainda separado por questões tão antigas como a injustiça social e o racismo. A Covid-19 não apenas criou desafios para o sistema de saúde, mas também desafios socioeconômicos decorrentes de medidas necessárias para conter o coronavírus. Nesse mesmo período, vemos antigos conhecidos, como o racismo e a pobreza, se escancarem, mostrando os problemas da nossa organização social.  Olhando para essa realidade e seus desafios no contexto brasileiro, esse livro apresenta reflexões sobre problemas que estamos enfrentando decorrentes da Covid-19 e apesar dela. O livro dialoga com essa realidade a partir da perspectiva ética e bioética, apontando possíveis caminhos para enfrentar os dilemas do presente em vista de criar bases para melhor nos prepararmos para o futuro. Ademais, também é um livro de esperança, um convite a meditação e a fé no encontro com o dom da vida, sobre o qual podemos reconstruir nossa presença no mundo.

Alexandre A. Martins 

Professor de ética social, bioética e ética teológica na Marquette University em Wisconsin, EUA


Polis&Hope supports mutual learning from a liberating perspective 


The Cry of The Poor:

Liberation Ethics and Justice in Health care 

by Alexandre A. Martins 

  • Publication Date : November 21, 2019

  • Publisher : Lexington Books

  • Print Length : 337 pages

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-1-4985-9218-5 

  • 30% Discount, use code LEX30AUTH20 when ordering at  

This book is a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach to healthcare from a liberation perspective that “engages with the poor, listens to them, learns from them and begins a dialogical process of empowering the poor.” Martins grounds the right to health care for all in an anthropology of suffering and a liberation ethic that serves as a foundation for a community-based approach of delivering health care in a just way to all people. He challenges all people to join the poor in a dialectical process of mutual learning. Only then will health care ever be realized as a basic human right. The agenda he sets is at the same time ambitious and optimistic, yet realistic and self-critical. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand health care as a basic human right. -- Peter A. Clark, John McShain Chair in Ethics, Director-Institute of Clinical Bioethics, Saint Joseph’s University

With this book, Alexandre Martins changes the landscape of 21st century theological ethics. Martins interweaves the rigorous philosophy of Simone Weil, an impressive theoretical analysis of liberation theology, and empirical/ethnographic engagement with actual poor people to forward an important new mixed-methodology theoretical/theological framework for addressing the challenges posed by the material suffering of the world’s poor. Yet it is also a beautiful book—infused with a spirituality formed by Martins’ long and deep accompaniment with the people of and with whom he speaks. Most importantly, it levies a powerful critique to the academy and US theologians who have turned liberation theology into an academic theory, largely disconnected from actual poor people. As such, anyone interested in liberation theology, liberation ethics, global health, or Catholic social thought going forward will need to grapple with Martins’ The Cry of the Poor. -- M. Therese Lysaught, Loyola University Chicago

This truly original work will make lights go on across the horizon of Catholic health care ethics and beyond. To the more familiar resources of principle-oriented moral theology, Catholic social ethics, and liberation theology's option for the poor, Martins adds unexpected riches. These include personal experience with Brazil's base communities and its national heath system, as well as the thought of Simone Weil, and a profound spiritual vision. To his compelling calls for social action, Martins unites a fine intellectual analysis that will make this a groundbreaking work in Christian ethics. -- Lisa Cahill, J. Donald Monan Professor of Theology, Boston College

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